Well Hello There! This is a blog of Simon Cheddy N. Laron. "Cheddy" is a 15 year-old kid that aspires to be a great artist someday. He is also a freelancer and does Vectors/ Vexels, Doodles, Illustrations, and Digital Paintings. He's now a 4th-year Highschool in the Philippines . Welcome and Thank you for Visiting!

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Finn and Jake Clockscreen! 👌 #tweak #adventuretime #lockscreen #iphone #finnandjake #clockscreen


I miss Tumblr…. ppl :O

Anonymous asked: How do you put your designs in t-shirt templates?

wow. it’s been awhile.. I simply put them above shirt templates (that I download from threadless or sometimes templates form google) then change the blending settings. :D


Holy Angel University Mini Meetup. Daming “Malagu”

(via harmonicmess)

(via harmonicmess)



Have A Happy Fuckin’ New Year!

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Puta lang.


Hello guys! Watch this video and feel the true spirit and meaning of Christmas. Charz.

This is our entry for a Christmas ID making competition in our school. Thus, we need your help. The video with the most number of likes and shares will win the Social Media Choice. Our college joined and made this one, and I’m part of it!

Lolo Lito is also part of our entry. He is a candy-lollipop-whatchamacallit vendor making libot around Angeles City. He’ll be featured in Wish Ko Lang soon!

You may like our entry here. You may also reblog this :)

We got second place in this competition last year. Now, we are more determined than ever to reach the top spot. Your efforts and time will be of great help!

Like na guys!

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

Favor! Please like this video here and feel free to reblog so others can see! :)) Thanks! :D


So, I am now officially declaring this night to be flashback-reuse-past-artworks-to-try-new-brand night. The doodle, by the way, is made by the great chedybear!

Oh gosh! I miss! :O

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